With over two decades of service and backed by an experienced, intuitive staff and solid resources, we enforce and protect the rights of creditors. We bring resolution to legal needs with speed and tact—today and tomorrow. You join clients and peers who seek and receive resolution with speed and tact. The services we provide are founded on four pillars:


We concentrate on your needs. We’ve served creditors’ needs—and their needs only—throughout the year, every year for over 20 years.


Our attorneys will quickly respond to your questions, needs, and issues.


We bring innovation to the table. Case in point. To better serve client cases throughout South Carolina’s 46 counties, we developed a template-driven approach that quickly and efficiently captures each county’s legal requirements.


Our practice handles a complete range of creditor issues and needs. Each case we close brings more experience to the next case. That’s how cumulative knowledge works. Please review our practice areas. You’ll see we devote our practice to areas vital to your organization.